• The Jefferson Legacy Foundation’s current strategic priority is establishing a home base in Virginia’s Charlottesville-Albemarle region in order to be centered in the Jefferson neighborhood. 
  • Ongoing support for producing Howard Ginsberg’s play, Jefferson and Adams. The JLF seeks partners in bringing this play to myriad audiences and regions. An immediate priority is extending recurring venues beyond the restored Kimball Theatre in Williamsburg and Peacefield, the Adams home in Massachusetts, to Jefferson’s Charlottesville neighborhood.
  • Broadsides of primary source materials—Declaration of American Independence, Statue of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and Goals for Public Education— available in downloadable PDF format for educators and Jefferson students of all ages.
  • Development of on-line accessibility of materials from the JLF’s Northern Journey exhibit.

Man of the Millennium

Produced in association with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, see (and hear) how Thomas Jefferson best articulated the great ideas about freedom, responsibility, and possibility that have illuminated our history for the past thousand years. 

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