Inspiring participation in public affairs
in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s life, thought, and ideals.

Mission and Purpose

 “Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection
without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things.” 

—Thomas Jefferson

The Jefferson Legacy Foundation (JLF) seeks, through educational programs and other initiatives, to advance the principles of Thomas Jefferson.  Today, Thomas Jefferson remains the most consistent and eloquent spokesman of America’s national vision.  Indeed, Abraham Lincoln recognized the need to “save the principles of Jefferson .  .  .the definitions and axioms of free society.”  With continuing applicability, these principles can serve as a unifying force for our times. 

The JLF affirms Jefferson’s faith in:  1) self-government; 2) religious and intellectual freedom; and 3) education as a means for achieving personal fulfillment and service to society.   We are dedicated to what JLF founding Board member Merrill D. Peterson calls “the conscious knowledge of Jefferson’s faith and the responsible commitment to its survival.”

Examination of Jefferson’s legacy can provide guidance, perspective, inspiration, direction, and hope for continuing the American Revolution.  Through a variety of projects and initiatives, the JLF aims to foster new and vital discourse based on the principles of the American Enlightenment.  In this spirit, we strive to increase access to educational opportunities; to support innovative programs; to spread the word about exemplary projects; to serve as a resource center; and to generate discussion and program development related to improving our schools.  We welcome partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our goals.

The Jefferson Legacy Foundation
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Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Jamie Wyeth.
 Used with permission of the artist. Copyright © Jamie Wyeth