Inspiring participation in public affairs —
in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s life, thought, and ideals.


“The diffusion of information, I deem [one] of the essential principles of our government and, consequently, [one] which ought to shape its administration.”
Thomas Jefferson

Here are some links to other web sites that you may find interesting (bookmark this site for future recommendations):

American Presidents: Life Portraits — A site that complements the C-SPAN's 20th Anniversary Television Series.

America Votes — Winners share the limelight with the defeated in this exhibit of U.S. presidential campaign memorabilia drawn primarily from the holdings of the Duke University Special Collections Library. The exhibit illustrates the nation's presidential elections in letters, sheet music, leaflets, buttons, and bumper stickers.

Colonial Williamsburg — Online guide to the restored Virginia site, the world's largest and oldest living history museum.

Council for America's First Freedom — Organization that celebrates and fosters religious freedom worldwide, formed in 1984 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

The Declaration of Independence Road Trip — Hardly slowing down long enough to celebrate his 80th birthday, Norman Lear is spearheading the Declaration of Independence Road Trip — a three-and-a-half-year cross country tour that began on July 3, 2001 to rekindle a "connection to country" in Americans of all ages. Lear's presentation illustrates the "cherished values and ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence that laid the foundation for personal freedoms and individual rights."  Bringing the multi-media presentation (which includes one of only 25 known original Declaration of Independence broadsides) to towns and cities across America, Lear wants to inspire participation in free society — to "get Americans to their feet."

Green Mountain College — Vermont's environmental liberal arts college and a JLF partner.

Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History — The site where the JLF's  exhibit, Jefferson & Madison in Vermont and Jefferson's Role in Vermont Statehood: 1791, debuted.

Jamie Wyeth Editions — The web site of artist Jamie Wyeth whose Portrait of Thomas Jefferson appears on our web site.

Jefferson Bibliography — With Monticello, the University of Virginia, and University of Rochester Professor Frank Shuffelton, the JLF collaborated on an internet website listing more than 5,000 titles from Shuffelton's Thomas Jefferson: A Bibliography of Writings About Him.

Thomas Jefferson Portal —   The JLF has joined forces with Monticello's
Jefferson Library and their International Center for Jefferson Studies to
create what is called the Thomas Jefferson Portal. Containing rare and
unique items, unpublished reports, photographs, archives, and more, the
Portal is a definitive online researchable catalog of all known titles
relative to Jefferson studies.
International Center for Jefferson Studies — Created by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation to foster Jefferson scholarship and disseminate its findings.

Lewis & Clark — A great list of online resources from Monticello commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Lewis & Clark expedition.

Library of Congress — The Library's bicentennial celebration draws on its unparalleled collection of Thomas Jefferson materials.

Links, Links, and More Links — The Jefferson Library provides a comprehensive alphabetical links listing of all things Jefferson (and more!).

MADISONFILM, Inc. — The JLF's partner in producing Thomas Jefferson:  Man of the Millennium for Colonial Williamsburg.

Monticello — The Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson.

National Gardening Association — More information on Community Garden Programs.

Natalie S. Bober, Award-Winning Biographer and Historian — A favorite author of and friend to the Jefferson Legacy Foundation. Her books include biographies of Thomas Jefferson and Abigail Adams.

PBS — Interesting background information on Ken Burns's documentary, Jefferson.

Poplar Forest — Thomas Jefferson's retreat home in Bedford County, Virginia. Jefferson built Poplar Forest as a private home where he could escape the public who visited him at Monticello. Restoration of the home and the landscape designed by Jefferson is  underway.  Visitors have the opportunity to see the place develop into the home Jefferson came to think, to read, to write, and to be inspired.

POTUS: Presidents of the United States — The "Internet Public Library" provides biographies, key facts about U.S. Presidents.

Surfing the Net with Kids — A look at the best Thomas Jefferson sites for kids, teens, and parents.

Thomas Jefferson Foundation — Private, nonprofit organization that owns and operates Monticello.

Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government — With over 2,700 excerpts from Jefferson's writings, this site contains a fair statement of the complete political philosophy of Thomas Jefferson.

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression — Not-for-profit, unique organization with close ties to the University of Virginia devoted soley to the defense of free expression in all forms.

University of Virginia — Thomas Jefferson's "academical village."

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Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Jamie Wyeth.
 Used with permission of the artist. Copyright © Jamie Wyeth